Brett is Amazing

I entered a band that had already been playing for a year and I tried to learn bass on my own for about nine months. I sounded horrible. It was like I had never picked up a bass in my life.

I started having lessons with Brett. It wasn’t like I was instantly a hundred times better. For a while it was sorta boring, doing the fundamentals, learning the chords and scales. After a few weeks I started improving in my playing, started doing some extra riffs and whatnot.

I am now better than I ever could have been even if I spent three years playing without lessons! I am now really close to playing the song “Hysteria” by Muse.  

Although Brett is the best bass teacher EVER, he doesn’t stop there. He is constantly helping the band; looking for better equipment, talking with some of his sources for us, and he even comes to our gigs and does sound for us.


Now, if you can find a better teacher than that; that goes way beyond merely teaching you than go ahead and use them. But if you want a teacher that is super cool, goes way out of his way to help you, and is the greatest teacher I have ever seen, go with Brett. Go with Maui Music Lessons.

Evan P.