What is the service: custom music lessons (guitar, bass and ukulele)
When: Mon-Thurs 4-7 and Fri/Sat 10-4
Where: your home
Who: Everyone has the potential to play
Why: playing music increases your intellect and makes you happy

Our agreement:
1.    You will learn to practice correctly
2.    You will progress quickly
3.    You will be able to teach yourself and others

Our Requirements:
1.    Practice on your own time
2.    Ask questions
3.    Set goals

Why custom lessons?
All people are creative and capable of learning and teaching. Music is a beautiful language that allows us to express ourselves and communicate with others. We all share similarities, yet we are known by our unique differences. These differences require a teaching style that is custom tailored for each individual.

Lessons and Prices:
20 Minute – Designed for the person on the go or perfect for children.
30 Minute – Allows for skill development and general music theory
45 Minute – Emphasizes fast skill development and in depth music theory.
Each lesson will be customized to meet your goals.  You choose how much music theory and advanced playing skills to develop.  Your instructor will help shape you into a well-rounded musician.